Advantages to Choosing a Corporate Trustee

Creating a dynasty trust is all about looking after your family, but choosing a trustee within the family may not be the best idea. Even if you have a family member, a sibling, uncle, or cousin who is honest and excellent with money, choosing a corporate trustee may be a safer bet.

One reason choosing an individual trustee can be inadvisable is that person will likely need to help. To manage your assets effectively, a trustee must rely on tax, investment, and legal experts. As such, corporate trustees can offer an integrated experience with a team.

Corporate Trustees Don’t Have Disruptions

A corporate trustee has a team of experts that won’t befall personal calamities that render them unfit to look after your trust. With so much riding on a dynasty trust, it can be safer to spread the responsibility. Corporate trustees work together to administer trusts within their care.

Corporate Trustees are Unbiased in Family Matters

When family matters and money meet, things can get ugly. One advantage of corporate trustees is that they’re not subject to family tensions and are unbiased in their decisions. While it may seem nice to honor a family member by making them a dynasty trustee, relationships between family members can change in unforeseeable ways. To ensure your assets are managed and dispersed in an unbiased fashion, corporate trustees can be the better option.

Corporate Trustees Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Corporate trustees are less likely to be affected by financial conflicts of interest. Corporate trustees offer strength in numbers, reducing the risk of decisions being made for personal or third-party profit.

Corporate Trustees Value Diverse Investment

Corporate trustees won’t invest all assets in one kind of security, but can instead focus on creating a diversified portfolio with exposure to various markets. Following specific instructions based on the trust agreement, a corporate trustee can position a portfolio for the benefit of immediate beneficiaries and future generations.

A Team with Expertise

Rely on a team of experts with your trust. Here at Cohen & Burnett, we work closely with OptiFour Integrated Wealth Management to provide exemplary wealth management and fiduciary services. For more information about our services, please visit our homepage.



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